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I cant wait to meet you!

I'm so excited you found me! I'm confident that you've landed on this page for a reason and I'm hoping that your search for a hairstylist has just come to an end.

New guests : News & Updates


The experience starts when you use my online booking system below. I will receive your appointment request and you'll receive a conformation message that I've approved your  appointment.

Please fill in the new client form if you need a quote and recommendation or don't know what to book for.

Once you sit in my chair we'll have a chance to chat about what's working with your current style and what you would like to change.

We'll make a game plan from your first visit as well as a maintenance plan to set you up for long term #hairgoals success!

Your color formula will be custom blended for your unique skin tone, eye color and lifestyle and kept on record so that you can expect consistent results for as long as you'd like to keep that look.  We will set you up with a cappuccino and the WiFi password where you can comfortably work on your laptop, or charge your phone.

When its time for your haircut we discuss shapes and discuss the features that you hope to highlight or minimize as well what's appropriate for your lifestyle needs. Ill always share my styling tips, tricks and product recommendations so that you will be able to recreate your style at home.

We'll wrap up the visit by taking a few after photo's. Don't worry, I want you to look just as good as you want to look! I'd never post a picture that you don't feel stunning and confident in.  If you'd like to opt out of photo's or choose not to show your face I'll always respect your wishes.

We'll get you set up with your maintenance appointment and eagerly await your next visit!


Please fill in the new guest form if you need a quote and recommendation or don't know what to book for.

Interested in learning more about what’s new at Chrisma Hair & Make Up Artistry? Don’t miss out on any exciting news and updates!

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